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Update: Water situation in upper zone of Blanco

Jul 11, 2016
Update: Water situation in upper zone of Blanco

The George Municipality's Civil Engineering Department has confirmed that there are no burst pipes causing the lack of water in the upper zone of Blanco. Following the repair on Friday, the reservoir is taking time to refill to 100% capacity and the stabilization of the network is taking longer than initially thought.

"Water trucks have been stationed at Kerriwood Hill since yesterday with roving trucks travelling throughout the affected areas. Another two fire trucks will be stationed at Frylinck Street and on the corner of Searle and Maitland Street. The water from all trucks is safe for drinking," the municipality said early on.

The Director for Civil Engineering, Harold Basson apologizes for the inconvenience and requests that the public please be patient as the network stablizes.

The municpality appeals to consumers in the affected areas to use water sparingly where available as this will aid the stabilisation.