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Uptons Furnishers have been transforming homes and businesses for 100 years

By Natali Iverson - Jun 20, 2016
Uptons Furnishers have been transforming homes and businesses for 100 years

There are few interior furnishers or decorators who offer the prestige, quality and knowledge that you will find on offer at Uptons Furnishers.

It is little wonder that after first opening their doors in 1916, they are still in operation and remain a trusted supplier for their numerous clients.

As I discovered, Uptons Furnishers offer a variety of products and services, which will meet the most demanding of interior design briefs. 

Uptons, as they are affectionately known, have three departments; Uptons Flooring and Carpeting; Uptons Area Rugs and Uptons Furniture and Fabrics.

Flooring and carpeting is particularly diverse as they are able to supply and install luxury vinyl tiles, laminate wood, wall-to-wall carpeting, vinyl sheeting and other residential and commercial floor covering.

For those who prefer vinyl, you would be happy to know that Uptons have been contracted to install vinyl flooring in hospitals and schools as well as at business premises all over South Africa. If doctors, teachers and businessmen trust them, you probably should too!

I particularly enjoy visiting their show room to view the vast range of carpeting they have on offer. Uptons has the largest selection of area rugs in the Eastern Cape. Their beautiful outdoor rugs are at home on your sunny terrace or in your sun-bathed living room as they are UV stabilised to withstand prolonged exposure to the sun without fading, and no matter their location, they will still add style and sophistication to your living space.

These rugs, which are available in nine ranges of different designs and fabrics, are also water resistant and easy to clean; you can actually simply wash them off with the garden hose on a sunny Saturday.

Uptons also measure, prepare and supply curtains and they have a selection of beautiful chairs and settees which can be covered in a fabric of your choice. Refurbishing of old but loved furniture is another of their many talents.

They may have been around for 100 years but Uptons still go out of their way to keep up with the latest trends, whether it be luxury vinyl wood floors, carpeting and all their other products and services.

Looking to liven up the space in your home or business? Wanting to choose from the widest range of rugs, carpeting and flooring in the Eastern Cape? Then call Uptons Furnishers on 041 3737718 or visit them at 31 Westbourne Road, Richmond Hill in Port Elizabeth today!