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Urban run is bringing people back into historic Port Elizabeth

By Supplied - Sep 9, 2014
Urban run is bringing people back into historic Port Elizabeth

Central is back on the map for local residents who may not have visited the picturesque historic heart of the Metro for years thanks to the annual Urban Run, according to Shereen Bartlett, managing director of iStream Brand Management, which has its headquarters in Cuyler Street.

The run will take place on Sunday, September 21 and the people of Port Elizabeth are encouraged to bring their families to enjoy a day of fun and relaxation and to view the artworks on the Donkin.

“Daily we are inspired by the sights and sounds of Central, and have been working closely with Mike Zoetmulder of Zports for the past three years by sponsoring the branding and design for most of his great events.

“We believe that the support of charities and the upliftment of the Eastern Cape through events like the Urban Run encapsulate our core values as a leading Eastern Cape design house.

“The work we produce is ‘contemporary, hip and active’ at heart – just like the participants in the Urban Run and the other Zports events that do so much to showcase what the Metro has to offer,” she says.

One of the obstacles in the 2014 race – a “spider rope web” – will be situated outside the iStream headquarters.

The 10km, non-timed, charity event has participants and spectators running, scrambling, climbing, and dangling against the backdrop of the iconic Port Elizabeth city centre.

The emphasis is squarely on having fun, while raising funds for charity. All entrants are required to raise at least R100 for charity. In 2013 the event raised over R230 000 for charity.

This year’s beneficiaries are the Leonard Cheshire Home and Reach for a Dream.

“We’ll be there in full force together with our clients and suppliers to support the runners,” says Bartlett.

iStream also provides branding for other Zports events such as the Aquelle Ocean Racing Series, Zports Muck Run and the NMB Train Race. 


Photo courtesy of www.portelizabeth.co.za