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Using the Metro's 0800 number key to stopping water leaks

Nov 4, 2016
Using the Metro's 0800 number key to stopping water leaks

The fight against water wastage was highlighted by the Executive Mayor Athol Trollip this week. Mayor Trollip visited the operations centre behind the number residents are encouraged to phone and report any water leaks or pipe bursts on 0800205050

The Executive Mayor's visit arises out of his concern about the state of our water supply. The Metro does not have enough water to serve its residents' current demands. In addition to a call on Metro citizens to reduce their own water usage by 15%, the Mayor is adamant that every leak or pipe burst must be reported to the operations centre so that it can be attended to. 

Mayor Trollip is aware, as are most residents, that the turnaround time in attending to leaks is often much longer than we would anticipate. It is about 15 days at this stage. Pipe bursts, where water is gushing out, receive priority over slower leaks. 

But the Mayor has good reason to be confident in encouraging residents to phone 0800205050 in the event of any municipal water wastage being spotted. 

The Nelson Mandela Bay water customer care service, of which the operations centre forms the core, was adjudged to be the best centre than all other metro centres in the country in 2015. The Water Research Commission led a benchmarking initiative investigating various aspects of municipal water operations.

"Our Metro still has a way to go in actually dealing with water loss, but our nerve centre is top class" said Trollip. 

The Mayor was accompanied on his visit to the operations centre by the Member of the Mayoral Committee for Infrastructure and Engineering, Annette Lovemore. 

Both political leaders paid tribute to the hard working agents in the operations centre, who run such an outstanding 24/7 service. 

Reporting every leak to 0800205050 is a very important part of the municipality's war on water wastage. (Residents are also welcome to email their concerns to [email protected].)