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Vehicle hijacking and theft increasing: Be in total control with Cartrack Port Elizabeth

MARCH 19, 2015
Vehicle hijacking and theft increasing: Be in total control with Cartrack Port Elizabeth

Early in March, a policeman in Port Elizabeth was hijacked and robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight. This is just one example of several brazen hijackings that have made headlines in the Nelson Mandela Bay area in the first three months of 2015 – the underlying message being that you will never know when someone will target your vehicle.

While you can never absolutely protect yourself from hijackings and theft, Seshni Mala, Key Account Manager – Dealerships at Cartrack Port Elizabeth, says that you can be in control of the outcome and ensure that your valued vehicle will not just vanish without a trace.

“Cartrack provides more than a decade of tracking innovation and customer centricity to its fleet management, stolen vehicle recovery and insurance telematics offerings that has delivered more than 14 000 vehicles back to their rightful owners. 

“Underpinned by significant investment into technology and its own in-house recovery and support units, Cartrack has consistently maintained one of the highest, independently audited recovery rates in the competitive vehicle tracking and recovery industry, currently 94%,” explained Mala.

Even better, unlike other vehicle tracking companies, Mala said that Cartrack have put money up to back their claim to recover your stolen vehicles.

“Cartrack is the only vehicle tracking company in South Africa’s history to ever offer clients a warranty payment of up to R150 000 in the unlikely event that they are unable to recover a client’s stolen or hijacked vehicle,” she described. 

“In the event of a loss without recovery, Cartrack undertakes to pay their clients a lump sum in lieu of the book value of the vehicle; which is the average of the trade and retail value of the vehicle as per the ITC Auto Dealers Guide as at the month of the theft, limited to a maximum amount of R150 000. 

“The warranty applies to Cartrack products that include the Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) service at no additional cost over and above the standard retail rates for a SVR system from Cartrack. Standard Terms and conditions do however apply to the warranty to counter any attempts of fraud or self-enrichment.”

This warranty operates separately from your vehicle insurance cover, unless otherwise stated by your insurer.

Mala reassures that Cartrack’s offering ensures clients need never pay separate amounts to include the monitoring function and the stolen vehicle recovery. The standard vehicle monitoring product includes the recovery of the vehicle as well.

“Cartrack’s dedicated Research and Development (R&D) team has pioneered a number of technological advancements in the industry. It’s also one of the reasons why it has maintained one of the highest recovery stats in the industry. Miniaturisation of technology and superior installation methods also mean that Cartrack units are that much harder for criminals to find and disarm,” she explained. 

According to Mala, if your company needs to monitor a fleet of vehicles, you will most likely enjoy the benefits of Cartrack.

“Rising transport and fuel costs, vehicle maintenance costs and the challenges around managing driver behaviour are placing enormous pressure on fleet owners and companies to find effective and sustainable ways of managing fleets, risk and variable costs.

“Cartrack’s comprehensive range of fleet management solutions provide for efficient and accurate reporting and control of costs, allowing you to manage driver behaviour as well as draw accurate, real time data for analysis and improvement planning. Cartrack’s Fleet Management Systems provide the answers to the ‘how and why’ questions that allow for proactive planning and intervention, rather than simply monitoring distances travelled,” she described. 

“We make it possible for you to run a fully optimised fleet operation that is aimed at maximising returns.  Not only will Cartrack aid you in streamlining your fleet operation but our solutions will ultimately enable you to deliver a superior service to your customers.”

She said that last year, Cartrack launched Drive Vision, which is a comprehensive dual camera system that works in conjunction with a competent driving performance program. 

“The on-board visual equipment comprises a primary camera that records video footage with a 120 degree exterior view of the road ahead of the vehicle plus a secondary driver camera that provides a 160 degree view of the vehicle cab with infrared illumination for low light conditions. This is combined with a microphone that records an audio channel that accompanies the visual footage,” Mala described.

In addition to their extensive range of Fleet Management systems, Cartrack has developed an extensive range of added-value solutions to provide greater value for money, convenience and peace of mind to our clients.

  • Fuel Sensor Integration: Monitor your fuel efficiency and refuelling details that will allow you to control your costs and prevent fuel theft.
  • Driver Identification: Improve the management of your fleet’s driver behaviour with an identification system that will allow you to automate timesheets, keep track of accurate work hours and manage driver access to specific areas.
  • CAN Bus Reader:Provides you with on-board vehicle information such as RPM, water temperature, oil temperature, and so on as part of your maintenance management, reducing downtime.
  • Temperature Sensor:You can now monitor the temperature of a refrigerated delivery vehicle, in real time, while it is on the move, ensuring that goods are kept at an optimal temperature during delivery.
  • Panic Button:Sends an alert that the driver can activate by means of a button in the event of a mishap or emergency.
  • Asset Track:Provides the means to keep track of movable assets and to remotely monitor GPS location, with added radio-frequency identification (RFID) capabilities.

While Cartrack’s principal operations are situated in South Africa, the company has embarked on an expansion drive into the rest of Africa and Europe as well as the Middle East and Asia. To date, they have the SADC region covered with presence in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia and Tanzania.

“This means we are able track your vehicle even if the criminals smuggle it across the borders of South Africa or if you want to monitor your drivers’ activities after they have crossed these borders – we are putting you in total control,” explained Mala.

Cartrack is also present in Kenya, Nigeria, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Singapore and the Philippines.  

Above all, Cartrack is able to come up with a discounted quotation for you if you need vehicle tracking on a sizeable fleet.

You may never prevent a vehicle hijacking or theft but you can control the outcome. For peace of mind and a quotation to suit your needs, call Seshni Mala at Cartrack PE on 041 394 2700/ cell: 083 501 3472or email [email protected] today!