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Veliswa Mvenya's 'somersaulting' shows all is not well within DA ECape: ANC ECape

MAY 20, 2016
Veliswa Mvenya's 'somersaulting' shows all is not well within DA ECape: ANC ECape

The African National Cape (ANC) Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature (ECPL) Chief Whip on Friday said that he has noted the "concerning" media reports of the resignation "and subsequent somersaulting" of Democratic Alliance (DA) Eastern Cape Provincial Chairwoman, Veliswa Mvenya.

"Her decision to resign from the DA was instructive in exposing the DA as having no concern for black talent. It confirms that blacks to the DA only matter if they are willing to be voting fodder in support of white authority and willing to never think independently or raise political views that challenge the interests of the ruling white conservative block, said the Chief Whip of the ANC Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature, Mzoleli Mrara.

"The continued rule from the grave of Ms Hellen Zille further confirms for all to see where power is located in the DA and that black leaders are selected as token figures. As part of this window dressing and PR exercise, the current leader Mr Maimane is reduced to leading toyi-toyi demonstrations in public. He does not hold the authority to reign in the rogue elements within the DA; the forces that constitute the power base and decision making in that party."

Mrara further said that not long ago, the first member of the DA to resign within this 5th Eastern Cape Legislature term was Honourable N Matikinca an African woman, "who could not stomach being honourable and overt racism with sexist undertones within the ranks of the DA. Now another prominent African woman in the form of the DA provincial Chair Woman is also a victim of the same circumstances".

"While noting Ms Mvenya somersaulting, but the context and facts draw only one inference, patriarchy and racism within the ranks of the DA has reached intolerable proportions. Seeing DA hibernating racism, these ragged elements are getting embolden.

"Similarly, the imposition of Mr Trollip, with a record of exploiting black workers, as the mayoral candidate of Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Municipality (NMBMM), when its well-known that he is only a resident of NMMBM for purposes of contesting to be Mayor, overlooking all black leaders of DA within the area of NMMBM, further confirms that the DA has little regard for the leadership capabilities of black people, he said.    

"It is now glaringly obvious what blacks are for within the ranks of the DA.

"It is equally important for South Africans of every race, including white democrats, to note that those who believe in the values of a new South Africa which is the creation of a non-racial, non-sexist, democratic, united and prosperous South Africa must be liberated from the racist demons of the DA."

However, Mrara said, it is "pleasing as contained in the very same media reports that some within ranks of the DA have come to their senses and realized that the DA will not win NMBMM and that the home of NMBMM residents is the ANC".

"The ANC Caucus in the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature (ECPL) assures all that, within the ranks of the ANC no person can ever be regarded as having sold her soul as reported on the contents of an SMS attributed to Ms Mvenya. This we say without any fear of contradiction; the ANC has proven since time immemorial that it is the party which embraces all those who commit to pursue a better life for all."

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