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Venturing on the Web: Choosing the Right Web Agency

Venturing on the Web: Choosing the Right Web Agency

Millions of businesses all over the world have invested in having an online presence. Every day, companies that previously had no website are joining the trend after seeing the benefits of the internet. No doubt, if your company is successful it is because you have made the right business decisions.  Choose the right web design and development agency to create your website by considering the following key factors.

Portfolio and track record

The agency’s portfolio gives you an idea of their style, tone and versatility. Much of this can be found online but also ask for references from existing clients

At Online Innovations our portfolio is available on our website for anyone to view and it shows the different types of websites we have done for different types of clients – from online shops selling tyres to game reserves. We encourage you to contact any of our clients for a reference.

Initial and recurring costs

Some web development agencies charge for everything – from initial brainstorm meetings to the management of the website. If you want to have a retainer with a web company so that they can manage or market your website for you, make sure the fees are reasonable.

At Online Innovations we want to keep your business and build a long term relationship with you so we don’t charge a fee for meetings to discuss a website with clients. We charge an hourly rate for design and development; and we charge per page for content. We also have very reasonable retainer fees.

Communication and Time Management

Communication is vital between the client and the web company. Time management is also a vital factor for getting your website online in time.

Make sure you get a timeline from the agency you choose. We provide our clients with a timeline for the design, development, content, as well as the date the website will go live.

The Web Team

Working with a great team will get you great results – easily. What many people don’t realise is that the relationship continues after the launch of the website.

Online Innovations has a small team of qualified specialists in each department which means that our clients get the best service.