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VF+: “Government must become colour blind on education”

VF+: “Government must become colour blind on education”

The Freedom Front Plus (VF+) has accused the African National Congress’ (ANC) policy of discriminating against the country’s white youth, saying it focuses more on disempowerment rather than empowering.

In a statement on Politicsweb, party chairperson Pieter Groenewald said the ruling party’s continuing blaming of Apartheid for the country’s education crisis, and awarding of bursaries to mainly black students, “promotes nothing other than racism”.

“How is it possible that the minister of basic education is now already alluding to poor performances of matrics, saying that there is concern about the results as grade 11 learners, who fail twice, are merely pushed through to write their matric exams?” Groenewald said.

“This is nothing other than the lowering of standards. If the standards are lowered at basic education level, the youth is not empowered but they are disempowered. The white youth is further disempowered as government discriminates against them with affirmative action”.

Groenewald also stated that government should prove their seriousness about education and empowering the youth, by becoming “colour blind”.

“Don’t let a white student have to meet more stringent requirements and maintain higher standards to be accepted into university. Don’t refuse bursaries just because a student is white,” he said.

“Children who were born after 1994 are already 21 years old today. How long does government still want to discriminate against them?”