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VIDEO: Adv Gerrie Nel's advice on corruption - Just don't do it!

MAY 16, 2017
VIDEO: Adv Gerrie Nel's advice on corruption - Just don't do it!

Former State Prosecutor, Advocate Gerrie Nel visited Port Elizabeth on Tuesday where he gave a talk about corruption and his new endeavours with AfriForum at the King Edward Hotel.

The breakfast event was organised and hosted by local law firm, BLC Attorneys.

He appealed to Port Elizabeth residents to not play a play a part in worsening corruption in the country.

Advocate Nel, said; "Just don't do it - don't start small. It irritates me when people say, 'I was stopped by a traffic cop, I paid him a R100 and I was on my way'. That is corruption and that should be investigated and the officers should be removed from law enforcement.

"I have heard businesspeople saying that corruption is so endemic and you have to be corrupt to get work and tenders, but we have to be strong enough and be able to realise what the impact of corruption will be in the end. We all must just be strong enough to say no and not even start small - just don't do it." 

Advocate Nel rose to prominence during the course of the trial of former Paralympian and convicted murderer, Oscar Pistorius, when he went head-to-head with Pistorius' equally sharp-minded, Advocate Barry Roux.

Asked whether money influences a quality defense with specific reference to the Oscar Pistorious trial, Adv Nel said, the courts adapt to different scenarios - depending on whether the accused has legal representation or not.

"The purpose of the prosecution and the way we act and the way the court will act with someone without legal representaion, or without a Barry Roux, it is just different.

"You will see it in courts that people will just change and it is more about justice. So when you are up against the phenominal Barry Roux, you focus on your neck and that is it. But when you are up against other people, you ensure that justice is done - by disclosing things, by assisting the accused," he said.

"So, I do think that a court adapts to the accused and different legal representations. If a person has no legal representation, there you play a totally different legal role - your only role as the prosecutor and the Magistrate is to ensure that justice is done. We change how we act in different circumstances."

Asked about the airing of the Oscar Trial on TV, he said that he and Adv Roux were initially against it, but he now thinks more trials should be televised to create awareness in the public about how our judiciary system works.

Watch video below of what else he had to say: