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Video and photos: Armed SANDF members dump furniture at Port Elizabeth City Hall

Nov 4, 2016
Video and photos: Armed SANDF members dump furniture at Port Elizabeth City Hall

There were heated exchanges and insults outside the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality's offices at the Port Elizabeth City Hall on Friday after armed members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) apparently dumped four truck loads of what appeared to be used furniture in front of the City Hall.

It is understood that the furniture belonged to people, who were living in three military houses at the army support base in Port Elizabeth in violation of rules governing the allocation of military housing. They were forcefully evicted from the houses by the army.

According to Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, Kristoff Adelbert, in a Tweet, the armed soldiers were aggressive.

In an video clip that he posted on Twitter, one soldier, who was driving one of the trucks, could been seen, at the encouragement of the other soldiers, trying to drive over a bakkie belonging to the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, which had blocked their way out of Vuyisile Mini Square. 

A local SAPS officer had his hands full trying to defuse the situation with the aid of Acting Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Municipal Manager, Johann Mettler, and other officials.

Speaking to reporters, Mettler later said that they will lay criminal charges against the SANDF.

Army headquarters has apparently denied any knowledge of the dumping of the furniture.

At the time of publishing, the furniture was still in front of City Hall.

Images above by and video below by Kristoff Adelbert - posted to YouTube user by Africa Junkies.


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