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VIDEO: And the winner of the Mr PE UberMANn 2017 is…

By Jesica Slabbert - Jun 5, 2017
VIDEO: And the winner of the Mr PE UberMANn 2017 is…

On Saturday evening, a Gala Evening was held at The Boardwalk Hotel International Convention Centre (ICC), where the 12 finalists in the Mr PE UberMANn 2017 race had their last chance to wow the judges and prove that they each have what it takes to hold the title of Mr PE for 2017.

The ICC was practically filled to capacity, with supporters of the finalists all coming out, hoping for their favourite guy to be named Mr PE.

The finalists each had two minutes to show their personalities to the judges with a short skit, and giving the crowd a little more information about them as well.

The finalists were then whittled down to the top five where the judges would ask them questions on the spot that would secure their final decision.

The top five finalists were:

  • Joshua Minnie
  • Patrick Brown
  • Zeno Adams
  • Jean-Pierre Malgas
  • Jon Paul Raper

Once the top five were announced, the outgoing Mr PE from 2016, Nicholas Affat, gave the crowd his final farewell that brought tears to the eyes of everyone there.

“Twelve months ago I started this amazing journey in discovering who I am as a young man. A journey that was filled with fantastic memories, adventures, experiences and people that I will never forget,” said Nicholas.

As a special gift, Reuann Smith from Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism, announced that because of the great work Nicholas has done over the year as Mr PE 2016, he was to be named an official ambassador for Nelson Mandela Bay. He was given a special certificate to acknowledge his new title.

Then it was time for the top three to be announced, in third place was Patrick Brown, second was Jean-Pierre Malgas.

Finally, the winner for the Mr PE UberMANn 2017 was announced to be… Jon Paul Raper!

The 2017 titleholder will support three charitable organizations, namely the Association for Persons with Disability (APD), CANSA and a charity of his choice. All three will benefit from fundraising events organised by the Mr PE brand.

Jon Paul certainly has his work cut out for him over the year, but he is looking forward to the challenge.

“This is something I hope to carry with as much respect, dignity and honour as I possibly can. I’m excited for what the year ahead holds, I have big shoes to fill from Nick and I hope I get as much support as he did,” said Jon Paul.

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