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VIDEO: Diversity Week kicks-off at NMU with the famous 'Delicacies from Around the World'

By Jesica Slabbert - Aug 15, 2017
VIDEO: Diversity Week kicks-off at NMU with the famous 'Delicacies from Around the World'

The annually celebrated Diversity Week began at the Nelson Mandela University South Campus on Monday.

Throughout the week, students of all cultures and races will attend several events that are meant to celebrate the different peoples found at the university.

On Monday, the NMU held their famous - or infamous, ‘Delicacies from Around the World’ challenge at the Madibaz Café on South Campus.

In this event, ten volunteers need to finish eating the food on their plate under one minute, the catch being that these dishes are often unfamiliar to the contestants.

The dishes included; escargot from France, fish head soup from Japan, mopane worms from Botswana, Ryazhenka from Russia, Rocky Mountain oysters from Canada, Curry from India, pickled eggs from England, Kitfo from Ethiopia and for the finale the final two remaining contestants had to eat as much of a Smiley as possible in one minute and 30 seconds.

In the end the victor walked away with two tickets for the upcoming Springbok vs Argentina test match taking place at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium on Saturday.

There will be many events taking place over Diversity week, including Study Abroad discussions, talks about Millenials, and the end the week NMU will be hosting the International Culture Fest event from 11am till 3pm at the Tramways Building, just R5 gets you in, and students get in for free.

For more information about Diversity Week, check out their website.

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