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VIDEO: EC schools win both boys’ and girls’ National Co-Ed Waterpolo Tournaments

By Marc Jacobson - Oct 9, 2017
VIDEO: EC schools win both boys’ and girls’ National Co-Ed Waterpolo Tournaments

Pearson High School recently hosted the annual National Co-Ed Boys and Girls tournament, which spanned over four days from Wednesday night until Saturday after last week.

In total, 19 boys’ co-ed schools were represented in the tournament (three groups of five and one of four) and 16 girls’ schools (four groups of four), with most of the participating schools playing both their respective girls’ and boys’ 1st teams.

Five Eastern Cape schools were represented by both their boys’ and girls’ sides at the tournament, namely: hosts Pearson High (Port Elizabeth), Kingswood College (Grahamstown), Alexander Road High (Port Elizabeth), Stirling (East London) and Hudson Park (East London), while Port Rex (East London) were just represented in the boys’ division.


In the boys’ league, the EC schools were on-song, with Kingswood running up Pool A, Stirling topping Group B unbeaten, with Pearson Invitational running them up and then Pearson 1st team topping Pool C unbeaten.

With Pearson Invitational falling out of contention in the qualification process, EC schools represented three sides in the quarter-finals and borrowed a significant footprint in the prospects of the tournament.

Playing head-to-head against a fellow Eastern Caper, Pearson took to the water against Kingswood, which they narrowly scalped 5-3 to progress to the semi-finals.

Stirling won in exemplary fashion against Westerford (Cape Town), beating them 12-3 to progress.

The East London side then faced the high-flying Crawford Lonehill (Johannesburg) in the semi’s, which saw them slump 7-4, while Pearson picked off St. Peters College (Johannesburg) 5-2 to progress to the finals.

The penultimate boys’ final went slightly wayward, as Pearson certainly rose to the occasion after some previous hiccups in the tournament, and put Crawford away, winning gold convincingly 5-1.

Stirling beat St. Peters 5-4 in a tightly contested match to win bronze. In other EC positioning schools, Kingswood tied for 5th-place with Thomas More (Kloof), Pearson Invitational claimed 9th, Hudson Park 12th, Alexander Road 14th and Port Rex 15th.


In the girls’ league, there saw four EC schools playing it out in the quarter-finals, with Stirling topping Group A unbeaten, Kingswood running up Group B, Pearson topping Group D unbeaten, with Hudson Park as their runners-up.

Stirling thrashed Thomas More 12-1 in their first-up quarter, while Hudson Park slumped 9-3 to Westerford in the third. In the fourth quarter, Pearson thrashed Kingswood 13-2.

Stirling again glided through the knock-out stages with a 7-1 in over Westerford in the semi’s, while on the other end, Pearson hard-earned a 6-5 victory over Crawford – which booked an all EC final between Stirling and Pearson.

However, unable to claim golds in both formats, Stirling once again asserted their dominance in the girls’ fold with a notable 7-2 win over Pearson in the final.

For the other EC positioning stakes, Kingswood claimed 5th-place, Hudson 7th and Alexander Road 9th.

Image: Pearson in action in the boys' final against Crawford Lonehill.

Watch to view some action at the National Co-Ed Waterpolo tournament last week.