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VIDEO: Evita Bezuidenhout talks about her Port Elizabeth show – the ‘State of the Nation Address’

By Jesica Slabbert - Feb 17, 2017
VIDEO: Evita Bezuidenhout talks about her Port Elizabeth show – the ‘State of the Nation Address’

Known as the ‘most famous white woman in South Africa’, Evita Bezuidenhout landed in Port Elizabeth on Thursday ahead of her show - the ‘State of the Nation Address’, which kicked off at The Boardwalk Amphitheatre on Thursday night.

RNEWS got an opportunity to chat to her at The Boardwalk Hotel and ask her about her plans for the evening.

“It is so interesting to look at politics today and realize that politics has become the show, and that the performers are the politicians. And when you look at them in Parliament they are the highest paid actors in the country, but that’s why their performances are so disappointing,” said Evita.

“There are so many things that make me laugh now because they are ridiculous, but there are also many things that made me upset because they shouldn’t be happening in a democracy.

“The education system, the old people who had to die because nobody was there to look after them, one thing after another proves that we are not doing our job and I think the one way to make us, the citizens, become more observant is to just share with everybody that politics is here today and gone tonight, and that if the people lead the government can follow,” she said.

Her life in politics, from representing the National Party regime in a black homeland, through the kitchens of power to now take her place in Luthuli House as a respected member of the ANC, allows Mrs Bezuidenhout to share much wisdom with her audience.

“I have some very good friends in politics today, in the ANC, the DA, even one or two in the EFF and the VF plus; which sounds like a condom!” Evita exclaimed.

Fans can expect to see Evita focus on women and address the state of family values in this realistically hysterical show, encouraging audiences to remember their roots in order to embrace and celebrate where they are headed.

Evita will be at The Boardwalk Ampitheatre from the 16th until the 18th of February at 7:30pm. Tickets are available at Computicket for R130.

In English or Afrikaans, or bilingual, with necessary nods in the direction of the other nine official languages, the show is ideally 80 to 90 minutes long. Experience has shown that Evita’s talk set against the upsetting political news of the day creates a successful balance for the audience.

Come and enjoy an evening of satire and laughs, and like Evita says; “the people must lead and government will follow”.