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VIDEO: Former SA and World Champ surfer serves inspiration to Woodridge students

By Marc Jacobson - Jul 24, 2017
VIDEO: Former SA and World Champ surfer serves inspiration to Woodridge students

In the light of Woodridge College’s recent fire disasters that blazed large parts of the school approximately six weeks ago, former SA and World Surfing Champion, Shaun Tomson, addressed the school on his best-selling book, ‘The Code’ on Monday; a book with an empowering message to positively uplift individuals and organizations on making the right decisions.

The book’s message, a life-affirming ‘code’ under the banner, ‘I will…’ aims to adopt positive actions and the nurturing of pro-active mind-sets for life’s challenges that unravels before all individuals – specifically in the context of Woodridge, their recent losses suffered through the June fires.

Talking to the school, Tomson announced that the ‘magical’ tool used for positive life decision-making, with accordance to his book, is called the ‘Code Method’.

“If you believe in this tool, it can change your life, and the tool tells you how to activate will and commitment – will is the power that all of us have inside us and commitment is our commitment to action,” Tomson expressed.

Breaking the code down, Tomson added that the message is built on the ethos, ‘What you will, you will become.'

“What you will, is what gives you power, and ultimately the outcome is about action. This also heavily relies on perspective – how we look at things,” he said.

“This gives you the ability to control time and space, and curve the ball of the world. We all see reality differently, and we should rather offer perspectives without any prescription.”

“In terms of surfing, this was my passion, my commitment to my purpose, and ‘I will…’ connects my actions to this purpose.”

In saying that, Tomson described how indicative it was to write a list of ‘I will’ statements, for which he did in surfing metaphorical expressions for the prosperity in his own life – that list was later printed out in cards, and after the amassed printed copies of such cards due to increased popularity, the list later evolved into the 12 chapters in his book, ‘The Code’.

On what Tomson describes as the ’12-line thing’, readers of the book were inspired to write in 12 short lines, ‘I will…” statements, that applies to their own lives, values and perspectives, upon which to move forward in more positive mind frames.

“All of us have this unbelievable power inside of us, and when we write it down, we acquire this power, and it will be yours. Adding to that, your positive actions may not always just affect you, but others around you too,” Tomson said.

“All of you have the amazing power to influence others by what you say, what you do and what you write.”

“Can you influence the future destiny of this country by writing code and by writing positivity, by showing your will and by sending that across the nation? You can by creating a positive ‘wave’ of messages.”

Tomson then expressed that this can be done by inspiring students to inspire each other through positive words and messages, and by branding these.  

“We should use social media and conventional media to amplify this concept to inspire students to commit to positive decisions and the will to act on these decisions, by writing it down and making it yours. With this, we commit to the code,” Tomson concluded.

Watch to see what else Shaun Tomson had to say when addressing Woodridge students regarding 'The Code’ and its significance.