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Video: Glitter Knitter Steven Berg brings the glamour of knitting to Port Elizabeth

By Jesica Slabbert - May 16, 2017
Video: Glitter Knitter Steven Berg brings the glamour of knitting to Port Elizabeth

Knitting, fashion and craft enthusiasts from around Port Elizabeth were swept away by the artistic flair and daring sense of style brought by fibre artisan and American reality TV star, Steven Berg, who is affectionately known as the Glitter Knitter.

Steven has been embarking on a tour of South Africa in partnership with Mohair South Africa, making stops along the way to host knitting workshops and talks with fellow knitters to teach them the tricks and stiches he has developed throughout his career. There were even a few students from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) Fashion Design School, hoping that Steven could give them a few tips.

Steven is the owner and creator of the StevenBe design, fibre and yarn shop in Minneapolis, America. A former corporate designer whose resume includes Munsingwear, Perry Ellis and Versace, StevenBe combines his passion for knitting with his eye for design.

From local enthusiasts to Hollywood types, people have taken note including A-list celebrities who loves to stockpile his sweaters and yarns.

In 2003, Steven opened a store called Yarn Garage in Rosemount with his sister, and the large shop with a full-service yarn, knitting and needlework station became a destination for enthusiasts.

Just over a year ago, StevenBe branched out, opening his South Minneapolis shop named after his design line. The new space has allowed him to expand his reach in the knitting, crocheting and needlework world.

“The movement is so strong for young people to knit because they are going back to their roots. But they don’t do it the same way their mothers did it; they create things in a more modern sense, they use YouTube, different fibres,” said Steven.

“They are discovering yarns that have quality and luxury, such as mohair, and it was Mohair South Africa that brought me here, and I have been using mohair for a very long time.”