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VIDEO: Ironman Champion supports Dettol Handwash School Campaign at Kabega Primary

By Marc Jacobson - Mar 17, 2017
VIDEO: Ironman Champion supports Dettol Handwash School Campaign at Kabega Primary

The Dettol Handwash School Campaign attended Kabega Primary School on Friday morning (17th of March) and was adjoined by Belgian Ironman triathlete champion of 2015, Frederik van Lierde, for his support to the initiative.

The campaign, with the slogan “Give Life a Hand”, aims to spread this outreach initiative to 846 schools countrywide – reaching approximately 650 000 learners.

Reason being, Dettol is committed to changing the hand-washing behaviour of children in particular, due to the fact that diarrhoea is the second leading cause of death in children worldwide and according to the World Health Organization (WHO) the condition kills more than 2000 kids per day under the age of five.

It was said through this awareness, that a daily hand-washing routine by using soap and running water as the most inexpensive and effective method, can reduce the contraction of diarrhoea by approximately 50% and a respiratory infection by up to 24%.

Van Lierde, who arrived in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday ahead of his contention in the Ironman on Sunday April 2nd at the beach front, came to show his support for this outreach at Kabega on the perspective from a professional athlete.

“It’s important to have a healthy living and I’m here on this planet to take care of my health. You can imagine for sports athlete like me, it won’t be pleasant to have an illness or an ailment at the start line of any given Ironman,” Van Lierde addressed to the Kabega Primary pupils.

“The Dettol initiative is about making the children aware of the fact that it is really important to stay healthy and to show them how they can do that, like washing their hands; and by making it a little funny, they get the message which is really important,” van Lierde told RNEWS.

Van Lierde also emphasized how pivotal it is instilling this message into young kids at the fruitful age range before teenage-hood.

“This is the age where they will remember about it, and by learning it early on they can apply it to the rest of their lives,” said van Lierde.

“Through the entertainment and Captain Dettol getting the message across, they will find enjoyment in it and go home to tell their parents so that their moms and dads can assist too,” Van Lierde said.

Besides winning the prestigious and respected Ironman SA in 2015, van Lierde won the penultimate Ironman World Championship in Hawaii in 2013. He also won the Ironman France three times in 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively and won the Abu Dhabi Triathlon in 2011 and 2013.

Van Lierde also won the Ironman SA in 2011 and came third in the Ironman World Championship in 2012. Starting off his major glories, he won the European Championship in 2007.

Watch for the Dettol Handwash School Campaign at Kabega Primary with commentary from van Lierde.