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VIDEO: Mayor Trollip unveils Nelson Mandela statue and the metro’s theme for this Mandela Day

By Marc Jacobson - Jul 18, 2017
VIDEO: Mayor Trollip unveils Nelson Mandela statue and the metro’s theme for this Mandela Day

As a part of celebrating Nelson Mandela Day, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM) Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip, unveiled Nelson Mandela’s statue at the NMB Stadium on Tuesday morning.

At the unveiling, the NMBM will also honour residents in the Metro who have worked selflessly to uplift their communities, and will thus extend their celebrations to 67-day campaign, commencing on Mandela Day.

“The fact that we are unveiling this statue here today in this stadium, is very significant, because we want this place to always remind us of former President Nelson Mandela,” Mayor Trollip addressed at the unveiling ceremony.

“This is a place where we come and compete, where we support, where we come and show the colours of our flag and it is a place where we embrace our nation - a true token of Mandela,” he said.

Trollip announced that the theme for this year’s Mandela Day is ‘Action against Poverty’, with a forecast of long-term benefits.

“This theme was chosen to ensure that the benefits are long-term for all those people who live in poverty, and it is also a time to remind ourselves that the struggle for freedom and justice continues and a time for us to understand that we are responsible for creating a better world.”

“Today we are not only honouring Mandela, we are also honouring the heroes in our communities; the good Samaritans that go the extra mile to do the things that President Mandela asked us to do.”

“To do, and I quote, ‘it’s in your hands to create a better world for all whom live in it,” Trollip concluded.

Watch to see what else Athol Trollip had to say regarding what the Metro aims to do in the coming weeks as a part of continued Mandela Day celebrations, as well as the unveiling of the Nelson Mandela statue