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VIDEO: Motherwell SAPS holds a medal parade

By Afikile Lugunya - Jul 27, 2017
VIDEO: Motherwell SAPS holds a medal parade

The South African Police Service in the Motherwell Cluster on Thursday morning held a medal parade at Raymond Mhlaba Sports Centre in Motherwell, Port Elizabeth.

At the event, several police officers from the Motherwell area received medals and service excellence awards that included for many years of loyal service to the force.

Addressing the parade, Major General D Rabie, said that the ceremony was an acknowledgment by the Motherwell SAPS cluster, of the role the officers play in keeping communities safe while abiding the law themselves.

“The service medal you can only get if it was exemplary, without being convicted or had a disciplinary offence. The other awards are for different police stations where they get awarded for performance,” Major General Rabie said.

The Motherwell Police Station was recognised as being the best police station in the cluster.

Major Gen Rabie said that the criteria used to rate a police station involved calculating how crime has statistically reduced in the station's operational area year-on-year.

They also rated the stations in terms of detective work - basically, how many of the reported cases the station managed to get solved and suspects convicted in court.

Medals was also awarded posthumously to an officer, who once worked in the cluster. 

“The cluster has never lost any police officers on duty, but the medals was because they were due. We didn’t hand the medals to him when he was alive so his next of kin received them on his behalf,” Major General Rabie explained.

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