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VIDEO: Opposition marches against President Zuma in East London

By Yolanda Palezweni - Aug 8, 2017
VIDEO: Opposition marches against President Zuma in East London

Opposition parties, together with the civil society groups, in the Buffalo City Municipality on Tuesday gathered in East London for a march in solidarity with several marches that took place across the country to compel Members of Parliament to oust President Jacob Zuma when they vote in a motion of no confidence in the President.

Addressing those, who attended the march at the East London City Hall, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Regional Coordinator, Loyiso Mangisa, thanked all the opposition parties and civil society groups based in the city for availing themselves to march against the President.

“We are all gathered here today with one call that President Jacob Zuma must step down today because our country is in danger and sinking because of him,” said Mangisi.

He added that if he continues being the President of the country, citizens would lose the country to the controversial Gupta family.

“We call upon the Members of the Parliament to do the right thing and vote for South Africa and against corruption,” Mangisi said.

Representing Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape, Sue Bentley, echoed him and said that everybody is gathered at the East London City Hall because they are against corruption.

“We want job opportunities to happen so that people may have jobs and lift themselves out of poverty and grater service delivery,” said Bentley.

She added that, irrespective of the different political parties that they belong to, they all united in one call that the president must go.

Watch VIDEO of Port Elizabeth anti-Zuma march, click HERE.

“We hope that today the Members of the Parliament will do the right thing and vote against Zuma and save South Africa,” Bentley said.

Also speaking at the march, member of South African Communist Party (SACP), which is an alliance partner of the African National Congress (ANC), Mthembu Quse, said that people need to stand together and fight against what he termed 'Zuma-corruption' to save South Africa.

“We need to unite regardless of political affiliation and fight President Jacob Zuma to have a better democracy in this country,” said Quse.

Speaking to RNEWS, Duncan Village resident, Cindy Mkhabane, said that the call for president Zuma to step down is a good cause, and that if he continues being a president, the economy will suffer and the poor will remain poor.

“I am from Duncan Village and there are no job opportunities the local councillors only look after their friends and families; if Zuma goes down, all who follow him will also go,” said Mkhaba. 

She concluded that the current government needs to act or the country will be lost to Zuma and corrupt officials.

At the time of publishing, the motion of no confidence in President Zuma was underway in the National Assembly in Cape Town.

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