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VIDEO: Passionate Port Elizabeth ladies run 1 200km for cancer

By Jesica Slabbert - Oct 18, 2017
VIDEO: Passionate Port Elizabeth ladies run 1 200km for cancer

On the 14th of September, two Port Elizabeth women, Belinda Davis and Sharon Jessop, embarked on a rigorous run from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth with the aim of raising funds for cancer treatment.

The route spanned over 1 200km - starting from Atlantic Point Backpackers, in Cape Town, and ending at the Baywest Mall, in Port Elizabeth, over a period of 21 days.

Sharon and Belinda, who created a local non-profit organisation called Your Health Your Hands, dubbed their trek the Hi-5 Hope Run.

On their journey, they were accompanied by a support team composed of close family members, who also dabbled in social media to keep people updated on their progress.

Speaking to RNEWS, Sharon said that she has run many marathons and ultra-marathons before and was more than ready to tackle this 1 200km challenge with Belinda.

The two women decided to raise funds for cancer treatment after both losing family members to cancer.

They said that throughout their run from Cape Town, they witnessed, first-hand, how many people have actually been affected by cancer and were amazed by the numbers everywhere they went.

They now hope to be able to educate more people about cancer and the known ways of decreasing the chances of acquiring it, such as eating a lot healthier and adopting a healthier lifestyles.

“It’s a known fact that cancer cells feed off of sugar and refined carbohydrates, so we need to get the message out there. Cancer prevention starts with a healthy diet and sufficient exercise. We need to get rid of fast foods, have them as a special treat once in a blue moon, it shouldn’t be the norm, said Sharon.

After their accomplishment ,one would think they would decide to hang their boots, but the ladies said they will be doing similar runs in the future.

“We are planning something again. I think maybe sometime next year and maybe starting from a different area,” said Belinda.

Sharon added; “Our vision is to host free seminars where we can educate everyone regardless of economic standing, because cancer does not discriminate. We want to be able to give everyone free education, and that is really what our funds will be utilised for.

“A way to help people pay for therapy and treatment. Not enough is being done to promote cancer awareness.”

If you would like to contact Sharon and Belinda to find out more about the Hi-5 Hope run and support their cause, visit their Facebook page, or check out their website at www.yhiyh2016.com.