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VIDEO: 'We're in this mess because Zuma is uneducated': Save South Africa East London rally hears

VIDEO: 'We're in this mess because Zuma is uneducated': Save South Africa East London rally hears

Hundreds of East London residents on Friday  joined a march organised by the Save South Africa movement to add their voices to calls for President Jacob Zuma to resign over bad leadership that has seen two rating agencies downgrade South Africa to junk status.

Despite the chilly weather, a huge crowd joined the march that kicked off from Jan Smuts Stadium and ended at the Buffalo City Municipality's offices at the East London City Hall.

Addressing those that attended the march, United Democratic Movement (UDM) Member of Parliament, Mncedisi Filtane, thanked the mass for availing themselves for the protest despite the bad weather and local businesses for  allowing employees to attend.

“We are all gathered here today with one call that President Zuma must step down today because he is bad for our economy and that kills chances of employment,” said Filtane.

He added that, the unemployment rate is on the rise and that the Presidents needs to step down in order for the economy to grow.

“We will never see the radical economic transformation while Zuma is still the President because he only serves his needs and those, who are in favour of him,” Filtane said.

Also speaking at the event, Democratic Alliance (DA) member, DA Eastern Cape Provincial Chairperson Veliswa Mvenya, echoed him and said that South Africa is facing this current situation because the country is led by an illiterate and incompetent president.

“We are in this mess because we are led by someone who is uneducated, he doesn't even know the meaning of downgrading or degrading South Africa, because of him our education system is failing.

She added that the march is not to serve certain individuals, but every citizen - so in order to save the country, President Zuma must go. 

Also speaking at the march, Anne Mayor, said that the business are going to lose and many will be jobless if president Zuma contiues with his term.

“President Zuma has to go, we had enough of him he is killing our economy and business are suffering too, we have to unite in this and fight him,” she said.

Speaking to RNEWS, East London resident Nomonde Siswana, said that the call for president Zuma to step down is a good cause, and that if he continues being a President, the economy will suffer and the poor will remain poor.

“Our President is no longer serving the country as he should, he is corrupt and only thinks for himself and his family; he is going to destroy the country,” said Siswana.

She added that, she is concerned that war might break out with people fighting against government and appealed to government and the African National Congress (ANC) to take charge and recall the President.

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