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Vital Health Foods grows its food category

Apr 12, 2017
Vital Health Foods grows its food category

With 70 years in the industry, vitamin and nutritional supplements manufacturer Vital Health Foods is perfectly positioned to play in the intersection between health supplements and food. Vital is a legacy brand in South Africa, trusted and credible. Vital understands that the shift to a healthier lifestyle includes smart diet choices. That’s why it makes sense for this established South African company to tap into the health and functional foods market.

In line with global demand and the brand’s positioning, Vital has developed fantastic tasty snacking options. The Vital bars and bites contain 12 vitamins at 100% Nutrient Reference Values (NRV), which is your daily recommended nutritional intake. The delicious bars and bites come in three tempting flavours: cashew and coconut; almond and cocoa; and seed, almond and cinnamon. Ideal for those who suffer from sensitivities to preservatives and gluten, they’re also perfect to pack in school lunchboxes or as an after-workout treat.

Another great offering from Vital is the air-popped rice crisps that are made from wholegrain brown and white rice and contain less than 400 kilojoules per 20g serving. They are free of gluten, trans fat, added MSG, preservatives and aspartame; they burst with flavour and are a great alternative to potato chips. They come in three mouth-watering variants: fruit chutney, sweet and spicy pepper salsa,ream cheese and chives.

“People are far more informed about what they should be eating and are consciously making healthy decisions,” says Andrea du Plessis, Vital Health Foods’ nutrition expert. She says that nowadays snacking often makes up more than 50% of our daily food and drink intake, due to the high-pressure lifestyles we lead. “Many snacks contain large quantities of hidden sugars, fats and salt, and have little nutritional value in terms of vitamins and fibre. Vital Health Foods realised that there was a need to develop snacks that contribute to nutritional intake and are also delicious,” she says.

Vital Health Foods’ substantial market knowledge made this shift into smart snacks a no-brainer. Claire Braithwaite, Senior Manager for the company’s foods category says that Vital is extending its offering into the health foods market to make it even easier for people to become healthier every day. The company is home to a team of in-house nutritional experts who research, develop and test products under the scrutiny of a dedicated quality assurance and regulatory team. “At Vital we’re committed to understanding our consumers’ needs and are working on new offerings,” says Claire.

When it comes to all-round good health, the Vital team has top nutritionists available to give insight into health trends.  Andrea du Plessis is available to answer any questions and give advice on Facebook and the Vital website.

“Walking the journey with our customers and guiding them along the way to a healthier lifestyle is important to us,” says Andrea.