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Vodacom Eastern Cape announces its Vision 2020 plans

By Jesica Slabbert - Oct 31, 2018
Vodacom Eastern Cape announces its Vision 2020 plans

Vodacom’s Eastern Cape Region on Tuesday announced its Vision 2020 strategy at a media breakfast held at their head offices in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth.

The Vodacom Vision 2020 strategy focuses on five key elements that aim to assist in the development of communities and the advancement of technology and connectivity in the region.

Heading the media breakfast was the Managing Executive for Vodacom Eastern Region, Mpumelelo Khumalo, who went into detail about the five key elements the Vodacom 2020 Vision would be focusing on.

“We believe that digitisation offers exciting opportunities for us to extend revenue streams beyond connectivity, as well as unparalleled potential to accelerate social transformation. Our Vision 2020 strategy has five key strategic elements, aimed at delivering on our core vision of being a leading digital company that empowers a connected society,” explained Khumalo.

“We don’t see customers as just one, we see customers as individuals. Whether you are in a rural community or urban, it doesn’t matter as its all differentiated,” said Khumalo.

Khumalo stated that Vodacom has been working with the government in order to help improve the state of certain sectors in the Eastern Cape.

“We are proud to be part of the efforts by government to bring about improvement in the education, health and agricultural sectors,” said Khumalo.

Vodacom has developed an e-school portal app in partnership with the department of education as well as a virtual classroom solution that will assist with the quality of education within the rural areas.

Within the health sector, Vodacom has established a community health worker solution, which allows community members to have access to health care services through the use of technology, instead of having to go directly to a hospital; the hospital would essentially come to them.

In the Agricultural department, Vodacom has developed a connected farmer solution. Aimed at emerging farmers, this app allows farmers to understand the market of supply and demand as well as funding and report security threats such as stock theft.

Khumalo also announced that Vodacom has invested more than R750 million on capital expenditure over the past three years in the Eastern Cape province, targeted primarily at expanding its 3G and 4G footprint, deploying new sites, performing site upgrades and the core of the network in the province.

“I’m pleased to announce that just over R750 million was invested to ramp up the network in the Eastern Cape province over the past three years,” said Khumalo.

With this investment, Vodacom aims to help further improve network connectivity, expand rural coverage, enhance data speeds reduce dropped-call rates and ensure that Vodacom continues to deliver on its ‘Best network’ promise to its customers in that province.

Of the R750 million invested in upgrading the network over the past 3 years, R350 million was invested in deploying networks in rural areas.

“Providing network connectivity for people who reside in rural areas remains central to Vodacom’s commitment of extending our network in the Eastern Cape. This is part of our vision to make sure that we connect everyone whether they live in the cities, townships or in the rural areas, and that takes investment,” explained Khumalo.

Vodacom worked on creating new sites, along with radio transmission network upgrades, which provided more capacity in overloaded areas.

It is thanks to this that Vodacom has been able to bring faster data services to much more people in rural areas who only have a 2G data service.

“We know that in terms of rural communities or anyone really, that connectivity is no longer a privilege, it’s a right. You have to be connected to the entire world.”