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Walmer police station escapee and Ann Smit's alleged killer expected in court

Oct 8, 2018
Walmer police station escapee and Ann Smit's alleged killer expected in court

The 27-year-old man re-arrested by police in Aliwal North after escaping through an open window at Walmer Police Station, in Port Elizabeth, Sizwe Jika, is again expected to appear in court on Monday after making an appearance in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate's Court on Friday.

He faces charges of murder, robbery and escaping from lawful custody after he was re-arrested on Wednesday.  

"The suspect has been positively linked to the murder and robbery of an elderly woman, Ann Smit, which took place May 2018 in Kamma Park, Port Elizabeth," said Col Naidu.

Smit was bludgeoned with a hammer in her Kamma Park home and died about a month later in hospital due to her injuries.

According to police spokesperson, Colonel Priscilla Naidu, Jika will again appear in the same court on Monday, where additional charges will be added to the existing charges.

Arrest and escape from Walmer Police Station

"It is alleged that at about 12:00, two suspicious men were taken in for questioning and profiling by Walmer police after they were found in the Charlo area (Adam Road)," described Col Naidu.

"The men could not account for their presence as this area is a hotspot area for housebreakings.

"They  were brought to the police station for further profiling.

"While the detective officer was busy verifying the fingerprints of one of the suspects, he jumped through the open window and ran away." 

Col Naidu said that Detectives worked assiduously following up on any information received about the possible whereabouts of the suspect.

"On Wednesday, at about 14:00, a breakthrough was made and the suspect was arrested in the CBD in Aliwal North with the assistance of Aliwal North Operation Command Centre," she added.

"After the information on his whereabouts was received, it was immediately followed up on and the arrest was effected.

"The same suspect is also linked to seven cases of housebreakings allegedly committed in the Kabega Park, Walmer and Mount Road areas."

Col Naidu said that the suspect was linked to the crimes through forensic evidence.

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