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Walmer Primary School benefits from ECGB and ECDOE material donation

FEBRUARY 21, 2017
Walmer Primary School benefits from ECGB and ECDOE material donation

The Eastern Cape Gabling Board (ECGB) joined hands with the Eastern Cape Department of Education (ECDoE) into improve the status of education in the province by donating White Board Technical Material at Walmer Primary School in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, in the past week.

Walmer has been identified as one of areas that need attention, because of its high rate of poverty. The Eastern Cape Gambling Board brought along two of its licensees, Mashalls of the World Sport and Hollywood Bets for the donation of the material. Also present at the handing over were the Department of Social Development, the Department Health with a mobile clinic, the Department of Home affairs, SAASA and the Nelson Mandela Metro Municipality (NMMM) office.

The MEC for the ECDoE, Honourable Mandla Makupula said he was pleased with the gabling board and its licensees have done for the school. The MEC admitted that it is a wise investment, because among the items donated is a device called the Inspired Wire, which deals with numeracy and language.

“The Inspired Wire will change the teaching system at the Walmer Primary School for the better,” said the MEC.

Makupula confirmed that the department has taken a decision to give a special focus on primary school education, because it believes that if the basics are correct then the high school level will excel.

“I believe education can take a person out of poverty and I understand that parents send their children to school to feed them education so that they can be able to survive when the parents are no longer there,” he said. “I am confident that the unity between parents and the department can develop a better future for our leaners,” concluded the MEC.

Mr Tshoko from there Eastern Cape Gabling Board said they have a plan to work with schools in poorest areas and Walmer Primary School formed part of the 16 schools they are working with. He said their focus is on maths and science at a primary school level, from Grade R to Grade 7, because the two subjects have been identified as challenging subjects, not only in the province, but in the entire country.

“The Gabling Board has responded to the call to contribute in education and make a significant change. As the company we appreciate the opportunity to allow us to help where we can and we encourage government to accommodate the private sector in developing communities,” said Tshoko.

Principal of Walmer Primary School Miss Z.D. Maku said she is overwhelmed by what has happened in the schools, for it did not only benefit the leaners but also the community, referring to the sister departments present and the services they rendered.

“The school is situated in a poor community, with leaners coming from difficult backgrounds, but I am motivated by efforts of my teachers who get to be mothers, social workers and sometimes doctors to the children,” explained the principal.

“The strategy of the school is to attract more partners and donors”.

Speaking to the parents, the principal said: “Yes you may come from poor backgrounds, but there is much more you can do to support your child and the school by protecting its equipment”.

Chairperson of the School Governing Body (SGB), Mr M. Thanga, expressed gratitude and excitement that they have as a community for what has taken place at the school. He thanked the department for acknowledging their area.

“Walmer has a very difficult history where education given to the area was just for communication, so that we could be able to work for our bosses. Today our primary school leaners will be thought with modern day technology, something that was never expected in the area,” said Mr Thanga.

“Children from the area face common challenges, which result in them losing interest in school and skills development. The community is willing to rise and work with the government and private sector for the benefit and development of the children of Walmer,” he closed.

The Grade 1 and Grade learners did a numeracy demonstration to show the guests how the Inspired Wire has helped them. There were also music and traditional dance activities rendered for entertainment.