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Walmer protests continue for second day

Aug 13, 2015
Walmer protests continue for second day

A violent protest, which broke out in Port Elizabeth's Walmer township on Wednesday morning, continued on Thursday morning with reports that protesters were stoning cars along a section of Heugh Road - drivers are advised to use alternative routes.  

One female driver, whose car was damaged in the protest, had to be rescued by police after she smashed her car into a tree. Police are trying to keep the situation under control - no arrests have yet been made this morning.

Police reportedly had to use stun grenades and rubber to disperse a crowd that was approaching the Walmer police station where several drivers whose cars had been damaged where making statements.

Residents have threatened to bring walmer to a standstill today.

Yesterday Heugh Road closed to traffic between 8th avenue and 11th avenue for a several hours and some protesters were seen moving onto Victoria Drive. 

On Wednesday morning, Port Elizabeth police had to use water cannons to extinguish burning tyres and debris placed on Heugh Road by the protesting residents. 

Walmer residents are reportedly angry that contractors working in their township had been brought in from other areas of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. They also want speedy housing delivery in their area as well as a permananat solution to flooding that occurs in the area when it rains.

On Wednesday morning, service delivery protests also flared up in Ugie as well as in Kenton on Sea.