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Walmer Township residents still living in horror of bucket toilets

By ASAVELA FEKEMA - May 10, 2016
Walmer Township residents still living in horror of bucket toilets

The Democratic Alliance’s (DA) mayoral candidate, Athol Trollip, expressed his disappointment to the media in Walmer Township on Tuesday, regarding the use of bucket toilets in the Nelson Mandela Metro.

Nelson Mandela Metro has the highest use of bucket systems in South Africa, with the estimated number of buckets in the Metro being close to 30,000, with Walmer Township having 3 000 bucket toilets that are still in use at the moment.

“It is embarrassing to see how these people are living. This place is close to one of the International Airport, and to one of the affluent suburbs” he said.

Trollip said he has written to the Minister of Water and Sanitation, Nomvula Mokonyana, requesting her intervention to put an end to the bucket toilets in the Metro, but with no vail.

Early last year, Trollip wrote a letter to the South African Human Rights Commissioner, Advocate Mabedle Lawrence Mushwana about the investigation of the use of the bucket toilets in Nelson Mandela Metro.

In his letter he stated that he was horrified to have to witness the way people are living, although they voted 21 years ago for democracy.

“These toilets are just too much, we have been waiting for 18 months for a response from Lawrence Mushwana” said Trollip.

He also mentioned that the executive mayor Danny Jordaan, “rebuffed” his request, that the NMB eradicate this sanitation system.

“In three months to come, people will vote, and when they vote they will be voting on their feet and voting for change” he added.

Trollip mentioned that they are not holding their breath for a response from Mushwana, but the party is keenly waiting for the sign-off and release of their report on the investigation.