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Walter Sisulu Municipality misses Auditor General deadline

Sep 11, 2017
Walter Sisulu Municipality misses Auditor General deadline

The Walter Sisulu Local Municipality is now expected to submit its annual financial statement to the Auditor General on the 22nd of September after it failed to meet its first deadline for submission.

"Section 126 of the Municipal Financial Management Act clearly states that the accounting officer of a municipality must prepare the annual financial statements of the municipality and, within two months after the end of the financial year to which those statements relate, submit the statements to the Auditor General for auditing," said Matthee Nel - a DA Walter Sisulu Local Municipality PR councillor.

"The Walter Sisulu accounting officer, Municipal Manager Thembinkosi Mawonga’s  explanation for missing the first deadline is that Water Sisulu is a newly amalgamated municipality and had not been integrated.

"This is a lame excuse as the newly established Dr Beyers Naude Local Municipality, which had three municipal entities to integrate, succeeded in submitting its annual financial statements on time."

Nel said that the DA expects the Municipal Manager to meet the new deadline of 22 September.

"If not, the DA will take further steps in ensuring that he is held accountable for his incompetence.

"The mere fact that the MM has proposed remedial action after the deadline was missed, further questions his capabilities as accounting officer," he said.

"The DA welcomes the recommendation made and approved by the Council for the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) to investigate whether any negligence has resulted in the failure to submit the annual financial statements on time.

"We optimistically anticipate this investigation and that the culprits will be held accountable."