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Walter Sisulu University to re-open on Thursday following #feesmustfall protests

OCTOBER 28, 2015
Walter Sisulu University to re-open on Thursday following #feesmustfall protests

Academic operations are expected to resume at the Walter Sisulu University on Thursday following a meeting between the university's management and the Student Representative Council on Tuesday. The meeting sought to find common ground between the parties following the violent #feesmustfall protests witnessed at the institution in the past week.

"Notwithstanding some unwarranted disruptions, the Institutional Management Committee (IMC) persisted in creating an opportunity to find a way of addressing the institutional issues that were lifted up from the students’ submissions," said Thando Cezula, Acting University Spokesman.

He said that the following are the resolutions with regard to these issues:

1. 2016 Fee Increase

IMC confirms, as has been announced by the State President on 23 October 2015, that there will be no student fee increases for 2016.

2. Historic Debt

The President had also announced in his statement that a Presidential Task Team will consider a package of issues including, amongst others, the historic debt referred to as “black debt.”

Management, therefore, understands that historic debt, as a national issue, will be addressed through the work of this Task Team.

3. Minimum Initial Payment for 2016

In line with the resolution of no increases for student fees in 2016, the Minimum Initial Payment for 2015 will remain and be applicable for 2016.

"The IMC had further resolved that all other Campus-specific issues will be addressed through the normal Campus Management processes.

"Management remains open and committed to continued engagements with SRC to find amicable resolutions on issues to ensure continued stability in our institution," Cezula said.

"Management realizes the huge risks the institution will suffer and unnecessary inconvenience that both students and the academic staff, in particular, will incur in the case of any further delays in reopening and normalizing of the institution."