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War of words on Twitter

By Charl Bosch - Oct 1, 2014
War of words on Twitter

Sports Minister, Fikile Mbalula, has lashed out at Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, in a series of tweets, accusing him of hypocrisy for wearing the party’s signature red overalls in Parliament, but wearing Louis Vuitton to his corruption trial yesterday.

"Consistency must be portrayed by leaders, don’t have double personalities "poor" yet you're drowning in Branded clothes like Malema," (sic) Mbalula wrote.

Following the Polokwane High Court’s decision to postpone Malema’s trail until August next year, Mbalula tweeted, "EFF has done everything they said they won't do when they get to Parliament, they were the first on Parliament buffet".

This was followed up by, "He was in Court Today for Limpopo Corruption, has he asked himself to PAY BACK THE LIMPOPO MONEY or he displayed hypocrisy?"

Malema responded to Mbalula by tweeting, "if we where to tell a story of where you get some of your money people will be shocked (sic)," before adding, "hypocrisy defines you, who are you to lecture us of corruption?"

Failing to respond to his tweets, Malema then asked Mbalula who paid for his recent 40th birthday, to which the minster replied,"Asking me who paid for my birthday, did you perhaps pay for it? @Julius_S_Malema".  Malema then wrote, "No dirty money did."

Mbalula then switched his attention to the EFF’s red overalls by tweeting, "Point: is nothing revolutionary with red overalls that are only worn in Parliament when there are TV cameras, @Julius_S_Malema," to which Malema replied, "@MbalulaFikile we had TV even today so ur argument falls off, we wear what we like. Since when are u a stylist Mr minister?"

Weighing in to the spat, EFF spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, told Mbalula, "Go take a selfie".

The debate then took on a more comical note, with Mbalula comparing himself to the movie character, Mr Miyagi, from The Karate Kid films, by telling Malema, "And hey Karate Kid, don't forget I'm a Mr Miyagi to you @Julius_S_Malema. Phola".

Malema responded by tweeting, "@MbalulaFikile be careful what u wish for Mr Minister Miyagi."

Mbalula then went on to describe the EFF as, "A group of vengeful young men rejected by 94% of the electorate, only thing they can do is to throw insults."Malema then reminded the minister that he had instigated the spat by tweeting, "no one is insulting u Mbalula, u just decided without any provocation to attack us and when we respond you cry foul."

Ndlozi then tweeted a picture of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu with the words, "Asked how many votes did @MbalulaFikile get in Mangaung against Gwede, Tutu said:"

Mbalula proceeded to question Ndlozi’s roll in the debate saying, "Don't you have something better to do, like polishing Malema's shoes or sometime, can get ikama for your cadre too @MbuyiseniNdlozi," to which Ndlozi replied, "@MbalulaFikile well I'll get u a Gordon's, Mr. Miyagi as u give me lessons about quitting alcohol."

The debate ended with Mbalula tweeting, "Ndimkile", and Malema responding by saying, "@MbalulaFikile bye Mr Minister Miyagi".