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Warning to businesses after Newton Park supermarket robbed

Dec 18, 2017
Warning to businesses after Newton Park supermarket robbed

Police in Port Elizabeth have reiterated their warning to businesses and residents to increase their security and to keep minimum cash on them and on premises following a general increase in trio crimes since the beginning of the festive season.

The waring comes after high visibility by both police and security companies in crime hotspots resulted in the swift arrest of a 36-year-old robbery suspect.

"It is alleged that on Saturday, at about 16:30, four males entered a supermarket in 7th Avenue in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth.

"One firearm was produced and the suspects took a small amount of cash and a Nokia cell phone belonging to a cashier," police said.

"The panic button was activated .

"At the same time a security vehicle had co-incidentally stopped at the shop and the driver witnessed the robbery from the outside. He then drove off for backup and stopped another security vehicle patrolling the area."

The suspects were seen running on foot and both vehicles gave chase.

"One suspect was seen hiding something in the bush. Atlas Security stopped and noticed that it was a firearm.

"With the suspect still in sight, the security officer chased after him and apprehended him," police added.

"SAPS Mount Road crime prevention members arrived and the suspect was handed over to them. It was later established that the firearm was a gas pistol (resembling a 9mm firearm)."

The suspect, who is from New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, will appear in court on Monday on a charge of business robbery.

"The excellent working relationship with the different security companies and police will ensure that we have a safer festive season and it is clear that we can achieve more if we join hands together in the fight against crime."