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Waste is a building block for opportunity

MAY 10, 2017
Waste is a building block for opportunity

Small businesses are the bread and butter of our country as they provide jobs, reduce poverty, deliver services and boost the economy.

Through the implementation of the REDISA Plan, opportunities have been created in which small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) can thrive and are also able to create further jobs themselves. By supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs, individuals are provided with the skills and training necessary to grow successful businesses.

Anita Prince, an entrepreneur working with REDISA as the depot manager in Kimberley, is one of the people benefitting from the business support provided by REDISA. As depot manager, Anita’s core tasks include managing the delivery of collected waste tyres and ensuring that waste tyres are sent to recyclers for processing.

“I’ve been with REDISA since June 2014, having found out about the organisation when I was part of a women’s forum. One of the discussions that came up was around the opportunities available to women in the recycling industry through REDISA. I realised that there were not a lot of women working in this industry since it is a male-dominated environment, so I thought why not me?” said Anita.

In terms of the REDISA Depot Manager Mentorship Initiative, “A suitable candidate is selected and mentored by a REDISA employee who has a number of years’ experience working within the tyre industry. REDISA is proud of the mentorship programme and we are especially proud of the progress made in driving the success of the business while ensuring that we encourage sustainable business models. Since SMMEs contribute to the national GDP growth in South Africa, we owe it to them to create an economic environment that stimulates growth and promotes opportunity,” said Stacey Davidson, Director at REDISA.

“The partnership with REDISA is very good and I’ve managed to employ permanent staff. I am proud of the team I have built - we are a good team, working together and assisting each other wherever help is needed. Since unemployment is high in my community I hope that my business will continue to grow so that I can employ and create opportunities for more people,” adds Anita.

Transforming ideas into economic opportunities is the crux of entrepreneurship and REDISA recognises the possibilities for all those willing to look at waste not as waste, but as a commodity.