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WATCH: 'Govt never intervened to help Omotoso victims' whistle-blower

By Afikile Lugunya - Oct 23, 2018
WATCH: 'Govt never intervened to help Omotoso victims' whistle-blower

Activist, Pamela Mabini, who blew the whistle on the alleged abuses that were taking place at the Jesus Dominion International church, which is led by controversial Nigerian televangelist, Pastor Timothy 'Tim' Omotoso, on Monday told journalists how she was alone in her fight for justice for the alleged victims without any help from government.

She was speaking during a press briefing after Eastern Cape Premier, Phumulo Masualle, attended the Omotoso trial along with Minister in the Presidency responsible for women, Bathabile Dlamini, and Minister of Communication, Nomvula Mokonyane, among other African National Congress (ANC) Women's League bigwigs.

However, Mabini said that she was happy that there was unity at last in supporting Omotoso's victims.

Something rare in South African politics, the Democratic Alliance (DA), the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), the African National Congress (ANC) and other political parties were speaking in one voice against the abuse of young women in the name of religion.

Mabini's solitary fight for justice 

Mabini told the briefing that before the politicians woke up to what was happening, she was alone on the journey to find justice for Omotoso's victims and even digging deep into her pockets to support the fight.

"I was fighting alone travelling from my own pocket and assisting these young girls who are victims of Omotoso with no assistance from any government department or officials," she described.

Mabini said, fortunately, she met Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xhaluva, who is a Chairperson of the CRL Rights Commission, who she described as "God-sent".

Mkhwanazi-Xhaluva helped Mabini to find psychological help, places of safety, emotional support amongst other things for the abused girls.

She urged the government to play a big role by influencing other role-players to close down foreign-led churches.

Mabini has never missed a day in court ever since the Omotoso trial started.

Defending the government and ANC Women's League, Nomvula Mokonyane, said that this was not a time to fight or do finger-pointing, but a time to show support and solidarity.

How did Mabini meet the girls

Mabini told RNEWS that she got a call from a guy, who told her about the Jesus Dominion International church and what was going on at the church in Port Elizabeth, but at the time she was in Johannesburg.

Although she was resisting to attend to the matter, something within her told her to just pay attention because the person she was communicating with didn't stop calling and telling her about the situation.

"He kept telling me that there is this pastor, who sleeps with young girls."

While she was making means to assist the girls by calling people she thought would be able to assist her, she was warned about the dangers.

"They said Pam don't involve yourself in this, this thing is dangerous and I was skeptical as well, but at the very same time, I was like no, let me assist," she described.

"I thought to myself if I don't do anything about this then, who will do it? And if it comes to a point where I have to die, then let it be."

Mabini said that she made arrangements to come to Port Elizabeth and did her follow-ups about what she was told, but the people she trusted would help her with her journey disappointed her.

Now, she was only left with one option, which is to go to the media.

"I advised them that this thing needs to be taken to Special Assignment and Cutting Edge and that's when it went viral."

Dealing with rape cases

Mabini said that dealing with rape cases is not easy that she goes to bed crying sometimes.

But, there are people, who are now holding her hand every time she feels like she won't be able to do it anymore.

"I also have that feeling of if I don't assist then who will? Because we are being failed every day by government officials, top politicians, police officers etc."

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