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Water levels continue to decline weekly warns Dept of Water and Sanitation

MAY 17, 2017
Water levels continue to decline weekly warns Dept of Water and Sanitation

Water levels are continuing to drop gradually despite recent good rains that have been experienced in some parts of the country, the Department of Water and Sanitation said on Tuesday.

According to the recent report of 211 dams, released by Department of Water and Sanitation, it shows that the national water storage has decreased by 0.2% from 72.9% last week to 72. 7% this week.

In the Eastern Cape, the combined dam levels dropped to 62%.

"The Algoa System, with 5 dams serving Nelson Mandela Bay decreased to 39.6% from 40. 3% last week," the Department said.

"Last year, at the same time was at 78.2%. This system will require special focus as it is significantly lower than last year and has not benefitted from the recent rains."

It said that the Amathole System, with 6 dams serving Buffalo City, decreased by 0.1% to 70. 5% from 70. 6% last week.

"The system was at 88. 5% during the same time last year."

The Department of Water and Sanitation appeal to all water users to be head the call of using water sparingly particularly now that winter season is upon us.

"Water users are also urged to adhere to water restriction measures imposed by their respective municipalities," it said.


The following are the provincial water storages: ?

  • Eastern Cape 62% ?
  • Free State 84.7% ?
  • Gauteng 92.1% ?
  • KwaZulu-Natal 57.6% ?
  • Limpopo 78.4% ?
  • Mpumalanga 79.5% ?
  • Northern Cape 91.5% ?
  • North West 89.9% ?
  • Western Cape 19.3%

"The Western Cape province is becoming a serious concern as dam levels are decreasing week on week," the Department said.

"Today, the Department of Water and Western Cape Provincial Government held a Water Indaba with various stakeholders to come up with ways to avert the situation. The Cape Town Dams System with 6 dams serving mainly City of Cape Town (CoC) decreased by 0.9% to 20.8% from 21.7%. The system was at 30, 8% at the same time last year."

It also said that the Bloemfontein System, with 4 dams serving mainly Mangaung, rose by 0.5% to 51. 5% compared with 33, 8% the same time last year.