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Water outages in Hogsback after protesters cut power supply

Jun 3, 2016
Water outages in Hogsback after protesters cut power supply

The Amathole District Municipality on Friday said that they were currently experiencing water outages in Hogsback, which is under the Nkonkobe Local Municipality, due power supply disruptions from a residential protest currently taking place in the area. 

"It has been reported that the protesting residents disconnected power supply to the water works and flushed out the water from the reservoir," the Amathole District Municipality’s Communications and Customer Care Unit said in a statement.

"All municipal vehicles and personnel including those from Nkonkobe LM have been barred from entering the area thus leaving the communities without water."

The municipality said that it is currently monitoring the situation and hopes for it to stabilise soon.

"Any inconvenience caused by this unforeseen situation is deeply regretted."

It was not immediately clear, who the protesters are or what their grievances are - but residents reportedly have an issue with Eskom.

Images: Panther Tactical Law Enforcement Unit via Facebook.