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Ways to save on costs for a car road trip

Ways to save on costs for a car road trip

Travelling by car on road trips can have its perks too with regards to saving on excess costs and familiarizing yourself with the company you are with, the road and your destination. However, for a road trip to be cost-effective over flying, for instance, the correct precautions and check-point procedures have to be granted. Once this is done, your overall journey can be enjoyed at maximum quality.

Here are ways in which to save costs on a road trip by car:

-          Book in advance for your given stay: If you have found a worthy deal on a hotel or lodge, then be sure to book it. Also pay close attention to the cancellation fee in case something comes up. Planning is always key.

-          Servicing your vehicle to be road-ready: Do the readily car check-ups before a trip and pay close attention to the faults your car may be enduring. Be up-to-date with the oil changes, tyre pressure, possible oil or water leaks, radiator check-ups or anything else that may need some attention. Ultimately, if your car is well-serviced and well-rounded, the vehicle will be more fuel efficient on the road, and you won’t see yourself breaking down on the side of the road!

-          Plan a clear route to your destination: Always be sure to map a clear and concise route to your destination. It will cost more on petrol, time and effort if you were to find yourself lost in a given area. This may also ultimately lead to more phone-call costs in case of emergencies. So be sure to have Google Maps or any other sort of map planning at your disposal to prevent any of these travel headaches.

-          Pack your own road food:Easy and straight-forward – pack food for the road in order to save on costs for having to stop at a restaurant, take-away or a diner to buy food. This includes beverages and refreshments. Ideal foods will be sandwiches, fruits, chips, nuts and beverages such as powerade to endorse you on energy or even coffee in a flask; if not, water can always suffice.

-          The more, the merrier: Plan a road trip where you can take as much of the family or friends closest to you as possible. This way, your road trip is spent with all the people closest to you, while also saving on petrol prices as each person chips in their contribution.