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We are ready to turn NMB around - Malema

We are ready to turn NMB around - Malema

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has said the party will make good on its promise to bring proper change and a better life for all if elected to takeover Nelson Mandela Bay come the August third local government elections.

Addressing supporters and party members during a campaign rally at the Molly Blackburn Senior Secondary School in KwaNobuhle outside Uitenhage on Sunday, Malema, who was concluding a four day visit to the Eastern Cape in Nelson Mandela Bay, said he had been left shocked by the state of the province in a number of areas, and that matters don’t appear to be better in the Metro either.

“The state of education in the Eastern Cape has collapsed and the state of health care has collapsed… many people in the Eastern Cape don’t even have flushing toilets, so how can you say you are proud of democracy when you don’t have a flushing toilet?” he said.

“People don’t have houses in the Eastern Cape and clinics close at four. We want clinics to be open 24/7 and want schools to function properly to produce the best. You have a situation where some clinics don’t even have toilets, and where children going to school in the rural areas, have to use pit toilets. We need to change this”.

Malema said the party has always lived-up to commitments when it comes to business of tackling corruption, and that it would crack down on councillors, who he referred to as “mini-Zumas”, participating in illegal activates.

“We don’t make promises, we make commitments, we mean what we say and we live by it. We are therefore asking for a chance to stop corruption in this Metro. We want a municipality that serves the people”.

He said the Metro, under the leadership of the Executive Mayor Danny Jordaan, has been beset by corruption, and that the EFF, once in power, would call for his immediate arrest regarding bribery allegations in South Africa’s hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

“Danny Jordaan is corrupt… the FBI is looking for him because of the money he stole. He is hiding here in Port Elizabeth. We are going to take this municipality and send him back to FIFA so that he can be arrested because he is corrupt just like Jacob Zuma,” Malema said.

“The [Constitutional] Court said Zuma is corrupt, we cannot have a President that does not respect the law [of the land]. The day he broke the law is when he stopped being president”.

Malema again reaffirmed that the party would continue not to recognise Zuma’s presidency “as we cannot respect a person who does not respect his oath of office”.

He also stated that South Africa’s slowing economic growth, which saw it falling behind Nigeria and Egypt as the third largest economy in Africa recently, is evident that the ANC must be voted out.

“Under President Mandela South Africa was number one, under President Mbeki, South Africa was number one, under Kgalema Motlanthe we were number one… then this one came,” Malema said to laughter form an ever increasing crowd.

“Every time you vote in the ANC, you are saying keep South Africa down. If you care about the future of your children, you have to change your vote. We must remove [Zuma] so we [can] return South Africa back to number because South Africa is number one in everything in Africa”.

Malema also warned that the economic slowdown would have a significant impact on the already high unemployment rate, adding that inequality continues to be a big problem in South Africa.

“We cannot say you are poor but continue to treat you like the rich people. People don’t have income at all but they are told to pay,” he said.

“They say because you are poor they give you social grants. They give you grants with one hand and take it back with another called water and electricity. This must come to an end”.

Commenting that the cattle residing at Zuma’s Nkandla homestead have a better life that many residents in the area, Malema also took aim at resident’s accepting of food parcels, saying most of the food were expired and merely act as a way for government to win votes.

Concluding his speech, Malema remarked that the party were eager to take control of the Metro and prove what it could do.

“Zuma says we have a good story to tell, but there is nothing here. We are asking you to give us a chance to fix the municipality. Only the EFF represents the truth. We are only asking five years, and if we don’t change your lives, you must kick me out,” before ending proceedings by engaging with supporters

He ended his visit afterwards with similar community meetings in Helenvale and Motherwell.