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We chat with Adri Pretorius owner of Affinity Real Estate

JULY 20, 2016
We chat with Adri Pretorius owner of Affinity Real Estate

They say change is the only constant in life. Thus, one of Port Elizabeth’s most recognisable real estate brands, Adri Pretorius Properties, recently announced that they had decided to reinvent themselves as Affinity Real Estate.

Home, Food & Travel magazine (HFT) chatted to the owner, Adri Pretorius (AP) and this is what we found out.

HFT: You recently rebranded to Adri Pretorius Properties to Affinity Real Estate, tell us more about the new name?

AP: We are proud and excited about the name change, from Adri Pretorius Properties to Affinity Real Estate. A simple definition of ‘Affinity’ is a feeling of closeness or an attraction and understanding that someone has for another person because of their similar qualities, character, or interests and ideas. A definition which resonates very strongly with me.

Why the name change? As a company grows, naturally ‘me’ becomes ‘we’. I realised that firstly, the company has grown bigger than just myself and secondly that the company now reflects my aspiration, spirit of a culture, and I needed to acknowledge that and reflect it in the company image.

Therefore, I wanted to create a brand that we could all function under. In other words, the main reason for the name change was to accommodate well established agents to join the agency.

HFT: I believe you have also relocated your office. Where are you situated now?

AP: That is correct. We have recently moved to a brand new location. Our office is situated at The Acres, Norvic Road, Perridgevale, Port Elizabeth. We would love for you to come visit!

HFT: Give us a quick description on what Affinity Real Estate has to offer?

AP: Built on a strong foundation, we strive to satisfy all of the existing expectations of our clients. Our proven track record is testament to our ability to solve our clients residential housing needs be it selling, buying or letting. We are known for our experience and consistency which places us one step ahead in the industry

HFT: Who are the faces behind Affinity Real Estate?

AP: Our team currently consists of myself, Lesley Murie and Clint Murie, who are supported by experienced back office staff and industry leading CRM software. I also run an internship program where the idea is to contribute to the growth of the industry in general and to pass on our teams experience and knowledge.

In addition to the above, we are always on the look out for experienced real estate agents. So if you’re reading this and think you fit the bill, give me a call!