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We chat with...Ferdi Pieterse, owner of Trellidor PE South

Jun 27, 2016
We chat with...Ferdi Pieterse, owner of Trellidor PE South

When it comes to securing your family in the home, there is probably nobody who does it better than Trellidor – as Home, Food & Travel magazine (HFT) found out after chatting with Ferdi Pieterse (FP), who owns Trellidor PE South, with his wife, Telana.

HFT: Give us a quick description on what Trellidor South has to offer?

FP: Trellidor PE South offers the full range of Trellidor burglar proofing products for doors, windows, passages, patios and any other area that requires a high quality barrier to protect it from a break-in attempt. We measure every opening and custom manufacture a barrier to guard it against criminals, whether it’s a home or commercial premises.

HFT: What differentiates Trellidor South from other stores in the security industry?

FP: We believe that everyone has the right to be safe at home or work, so we offer a personalised service to make sure that our customers purchase the right products to keep them safe wherever they are. 

This customer-focussed attention to detail is what has made Trellidor PE South an award-winning franchise within the Trellidor network. Our team will visit customer premises to do a free security assessment and recommend a plan of action to improve security measures, taking into account the customer’s budget.

We have a wide range of product options and this allows people to choose several different designs for the various areas within their home, linking them all through powder coating in the same colour. The choices range from traditional trellis-style security gates and burglar proofing to aluminium roller shutters that can be automated, to our very contemporary security screens that keep out mosquitoes and monkeys as well as thieves.

There are big differences between the various products on offer in the market, even though they often look similar. That’s why we encourage people to visit our showroom to try out the products, test our patented locks and ask what makes each barrier strong.

HFT: How important is it to have security measures in place?

FP: The SAPS 2014/2015 crime stats showed how prevalent house and business robbery is right around the country, so there is no question in my mind that it’s critical to have home and business security measures in place. 

It’s also important that you install barriers you can rely on, and not make-do with a product that will let you down when you need it most. It can be expensive to secure your premises from scratch so we encourage local residents to speak to us about developing a plan of action, perhaps starting with securing a smaller area as a safe zone, and moving on to the rest of the doors and windows as finances allow.