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‘We have the tapes … Spy Tapes’ –DA

‘We have the tapes … Spy Tapes’ –DA

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has just posted on its official Twitter account that the party now has the spy tapes.

This was after Deputy Judge President of the North Gauteng High Court, Judge Aubrey Ledwaba, earlier reportedly announced that he was now reviewing the order to hand over the so-called spy tapes and has told Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille to return to the court at 2:30 this afternoon.

The DA leader had received a recording of the tapes on a memory stick before Ledwaba intervened.

A clearly disappointed Zille emerged from the court saying she was sorry to announce that she did not yet have the tapes.

She said Ledwaba had called the delay by requesting to view the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) ruling before the tapes were released to the party. Zille said Ledwaba wanted to ensure all the provisions of the ruling were complied with.

She said her understanding, supported by her legal team, was that the NPA should hand over the recordings and transcripts within five working days adding that she was, however, confident that the party would receive the tapes when they returned to court.

Photo caption: Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille with the spytapes on 4 September 2014. Picture: Twitter via MariekeDUP.