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We need to take back Mandela Bay from crime: Mayor Danny Jordaan

NOVEMBER 23, 2015
We need to take back Mandela Bay from crime: Mayor Danny Jordaan

"How do we get them to be kids again?" This lingering question by Dr Danny Jordaan, Executive Mayor of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, followed after he compared the life experiences of children from different suburbs in Nelson Mandela Bay and the effect crime had on them.

Speaking at the launch of the Eastern Cape Provincial Festive Season safety operational plan on Friday, he pondered aloud how a child from Summerstrand and one from Helenvale might recite Humpty Dumpty on their way to school.

"Perhaps the child from Helenvale would say that Humpty Dumpty was shot causing his fall and the child from Summerstrand might say he fell because he sat on the wall.

"Their environment is distorted. How do we get them to be kids again? That is why we need to Take Back Nelson Mandela Bay,” Mayor Jordaan said.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality together with SAPS and the Community Policing Forums, in a combined show of force, launched the Provincial Strategy at the Port Elizabeth City Hall yesterday, sending a clear message that crime will not be tolerated.

Lieutenant-General Celiwe Binta, Provincial SAPS Commissioner, re-affirmed the commitment of the police to fight crime and said 30% of all serious crimes in the province are committed in Nelson Mandela Bay.

"Crime increases especially during the festive season when criminals try to get a foot in the door. We will check businesses for compliance, the implementation of operation FIELA will continue in full force, the theft of livestock and contact crimes as a result of alcohol abuse is also on our radar.

"Thank you Executive Mayor for making Safety and Security a priority. I do so on behalf of our SAPS management for your initiative and combining our resources,” she said.

Mayor Jordaan challenged the police to drastically decrease the occurrence of serious crime in Nelson Mandela Bay.

The Nelson Mandela Bay plan includes the deployment of Traffic Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency services, lifeguards on our beaches and security personnel in collaboration with the South African Police Services.

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