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'We're not interested in the NMB Mayoral position or Trollip's Xhosa skills': Mbalula

By Afikile Lugunya - Mar 29, 2018
'We're not interested in the NMB Mayoral position or Trollip's Xhosa skills': Mbalula

African National Congress (ANC) Head of Elections, Fikile Mbalula, who was in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality ahead of a motion of no confidence against Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip, told a press conference that they are not interested in any coalition in the Nelson Mandela Bay and are not interested in the Mayoral position.

"We are not here for [matters of] the stomach; we are here for the people [of Nelson Mandela Bay]," he said. 

Mbalula also said that the ANC is willing to work with any political party that is willing to work for the people and not reserve the progress that the ANC had made already made during the years it was running the Bay.

For clarity, Mbalula emphasized that the ANC did not sabotage the special Council Meeting that was meant to debate Trollip's future, but end up being postponed following disruptions.

A day has not yet been announced on when the motions will be heard again.

“We might as well walk out of the council with our allies because we do not stomach politics, but our principles will not be diminished,” Mbalula described.

“The principle of putting people first and nothing else will never change and that is why we are here and that is what this is about."

He added that the people of the Metro, especially those in the townships, do not eat slogans, but want freedom and to feel it.

Mbalula said that freedom means getting decent roads, houses, electricity and other basic needs.

“People don’t want to hear Trollip’s slogans and to hear that he can speak Xhosa day in and day out.”

He said Trollip’s Xhosa is good for nation-building, but people want service delivery not to be entertained.

Mbalula also emphasized that the DA is the one that demanded a coalition and now that is not working, they blame the ANC.

“We didn’t want a coalition. We said that let’s go back and vote again because both of us do not have majority votes to govern the municipality of Nelson Mandela Bay,” he added.