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We're not saying Cyril holds silver cards to all our problems, but he must fight - COSATU

By Afikile Lugunya - Dec 20, 2017
We're not saying Cyril holds silver cards to all our problems, but he must fight - COSATU

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) on Tuesday called on the African Nation Congress (ANC) to review and implement the good policies that they have.

“No policy is good when it cannot be implemented, we always say that the ANC has good policy, yes it is true but as long as you cannot review those policies they are not good," said COASTU leader, Sidumo Dlamini, while addressing members of the media at Nasrec, in Johannesburg.

“The economy of the country was sold out many years ago unwittingly through compromise because we wanted to avoid a war situation, through negotiations, because we wanted to pull everyone together.

“Unfortunately, we were dealing with people who had an agenda to maintain and keep the status core that has been there for 350 years intact.”

He added that tough labour laws have to be implemented to protect workers.

“We have to look into the labour laws, to ensure that it is not easy to fire and hire workers in this country like it is currently.

“Retrenchment of workers in mines and everywhere has got to be expensive for the employer; currently they are having it easy because workers in the IT sector are kept as casuals in the media community.

“That has to stop, and the policies that we got to make must talk to those issues and labour brokers issue has to be tackled,” Dlamini described.

“While some argue that the constitution doesn’t allow for labour brokers to be broken, I say change the constitution.

“Take the decision that says that we are going to burn labour brokers, but we want a 66% majority, workers will give you that then change that constitution.”

Dlamini congratulated Cyril Ramaphosa for becoming the new President of the ANC.

He added that the last time Ramaphosa was with the workers was more than 20 years ago, but it is still worth it because he knows the labour sector very well.

“We are not going to give them a restful moment, it is time to work even harder, but we congratulate them.

“We are not saying that Cyril is the saviour; he holds the silver cards to solve all our problems. We saying that he must kill fear and tackle problems faced by the country,” Dlamini concluded.