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Western Cape ‘rape game’ a cause for concern

Western Cape ‘rape game’ a cause for concern

Western Cape education officials as well as principals and teachers from Mitchell’s Plain, have expressed their concerns following the discovery of a worrying game which simulates primary school girls being ‘raped’.

The Cape Times reports that the game, known as ‘rape rape’, involves boys as young as 10 year’s old, running after girls who had set off before them. Once a girl has been caught, she would be pinned down and ‘raped’ for 10-20 seconds, and be out of the game. This would continue until all the girls had been ‘raped’.

Speaking to the newspaper, the principal from a school in the area, said that the long term consequences of the game could have a ‘dire effect’ on those involved.

“In high schools, we are seeing at least one girl a week come in and complain that she has been sexually harassed. The reports are growing and sexual assaults are increasing. This game is worrying and can be extremely detrimental to society,” he said.

MEC for Education in the Western Cape, Debbie Schäfer, has expressed her shock at the findings and stated that although her department has received no reports or incidents related to the game so far, they will continue to educate learners on the unacceptable nature of the game.

“If children, including primary schoolchildren, are engaging in games wherein the boys run after girls and pretend to rape them, as reported, this reflects a serious problem with our society.

“The fact that primary schoolchildren even know what rape is and how it is done is tragic,” she added.



Image sourced from ianharris.blogspot.com