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'We've our differences, but ACDP is not dumping DA-led coalition'

By Afikile Lugunya - Mar 24, 2018
'We've our differences, but ACDP is not dumping DA-led coalition'

With fireworks expected at a Special Council meeting scheduled for Thursday to decide the fate of Athol Trollip as Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) confirmed to RNEWS that they will stand by their coalition partner, the Democratic Alliance (DA).

This is after a source privy to the going-ons at City Hall had claimed that the ACDP was considering switching sides and joining the opposition parties that want Trollip gone apparently because the ACDP was unhappy about his leadership style, which the source likened to bullying.

The source claimed ACDP Nelson Mandela Bay leader, who is also the Mayoral Committee Member for Public Health, Lance Grootboom, had called the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), who have submitted a motion to have Trollip removed, and apparently said Trollip had bullied him on several occasions when they could not agree on matters.

However, Cllr Grootboom denied the claims and instead said that in any coalition government, political differences occur, but what drives them is one goal of ensuring better governance for the residents of the Nelson Mandela Bay.

Grootboom added that the ACDP will not go against the wishes of the people of the Metro, which is the reason why he agreed to join the coalition to achieve better governance.

“As a principled ACDP, we have committed ourselves to the coalition and undertook to govern differently from our predecessors, by rooting out corruption, maladministration and mismanagement," he described.

“Empowering and growing small business to create jobs the people of this metro desperately need."

He added that the current DA-led coalition government has done more to develop the Bay over the past 18 months than their predecessors, the African National Congress (ANC) did all the time they were in office.

“The ACDP doesn't remove people from positions because of the colour of their skin. As the ACDP, we believe that being racist is demonic and not of God.

“Hence, we cannot support a motion of the EFF that attacks a person because of his skin and not his ability to do the work," Grootboom said.

“Therefore, the ACDP is still committed to the coalition and will support Mayor Athol Trollip."