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‘What is happening in Ward 18 is just anarchy’ Bhanga

By Afikile Lugunya - May 22, 2018
‘What is happening in Ward 18 is just anarchy’ Bhanga

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality MMC for Human Settlement, Nqaba Bhanga, on Tuesday said that the violent protest that began in the Metro’s Ward 18 on Monday was just anarchy.

This follows his visit to KwaZakhele where angry residents torched an Algoa Bus, blocked off a road and pelted passing vehicles, during the service delivery protest.

He said his visit on Tuesday morning was “to give strict instructions to the South African Police Service (SAPS) to arrest the perpetrators”.

“It is those people living in Mandela [settlement] that have an issue with the municipality relocating them; they are refusing to be relocated,” Banga explained.

He said that the municipality has been hands-on in addressing the needs of the residents, who have been living in the settlement since 2006.

“As the City, we want them to be relocated [to a new area with proper facilities], but there are people, who are refusing.

“We have been doing very well in terms of negotiating with those people, who are saying that they do want to be relocated,” Bhanga added.

“What is happening in Ward 18 is just anarchy and those people must be arrested because we work with people, who want to work, not people, who are burning streets.”

Police spokesperson, Captain Andre Beetge, said that no arrests have been made for the torching of the bus. However, Public Order Police officers were observing the situation.

“Since this morning, there have been numerous burning of tyres at Njoli Street, but there have been no arrests made simple because people burn objects and run away from the police,” he explained.

“Our procedure is to arrest people when we see them on the scene doing criminal acts, but so far, we haven’t seen anyone.”