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‘What Listeriosis? Bought my stock four days ago’: Local spaza shop owner

By Afikile Lugunya - Mar 9, 2018
‘What Listeriosis? Bought my stock four days ago’: Local spaza shop owner

Several spaza shop owners interviewed by RNEWS in Port Elizabeth said that polony sales had drastically dropped as their customers reacted to the Listeria outbreak that has since been linked to Enterprise and Rainbow processed meats.

However, despite a national recall of products from Enterprise and Rainbow, which have had traces of Listeria found in them, the small shop owners said that they will not be throwing away their stock.

They insist that it is not infected since they bought it on Sunday; the day government announced the source of the biggest Listeriosis outbreak in the world.

A few hours later, Pick n Pay announced that they will be removing all Enterprise and Rainbow products. Other retailers followed suit and also announced that they would also remove products from the brands from their shelves.

“This stock was bought four days ago and they told us after we bought the stock and we are not going to buy more.

“We will sell this one because it was already made, so it’s not infected it is fine, but we will not stock more,” one of the shop owners, who didn’t want to be named, said.

A shopper, Lwando  Mtshikilo, said that the Listeria outbreak actually meant he was eating healthier because processed meat was off his diet.

“Lately, I’m buying a lot of green stuff; I’m trying to avoid meat because I’m afraid of dying - I mean who is not afraid of dying,” Mtshikilo added.

RNEWS also spoke to two Nelson Mandela University students, who were doing their monthly shopping.

“We are buying pots so that we can cook because we don’t trust takeaways anymore.

“I literally have just finished my Vienna’s and I thought I was going to die, so I was like oh my God,” Londoloza Mbuli described.

Another student, Awonke Mpiyakhe, said; “This listeriosis outbreak has us freaked out, we are more cautious in what we put in our bodies than we have ever been. For example, look we are buying pots now because we can’t buy Vienna’s anymore, so we will cook.”

Ayabulelo Mkhwelo, another shopper, described; “I believe that people, who were halfway eating their polonies and yet didn’t die till that point then they shouldn’t throw away their food because suddenly they heard this thing.

 “I will continue to buy other brands though because we were informed, which products are infected otherwise other products are fine.”

He added; “It would not be very smart not to buy Vienna’s while you want it.”

Meanwhile, Woolworths has circulated a list of food items that have been affected by the Listeria scare – which can be returned their stores:

  • Waferthin Chargrilled Ham 125g
  • Waferthin Roasted Chicken 125g
  • Waferthin Smoked Ham 125g
  • Waferthin Cooked Ham 125g
  • Waferthin Smoked Chicken 125g
  • 500g Smoked Viennas
  • 1kg Smoked Viennas
  • 500g Red Viennas
  • 1kg Red Viennas
  • 375g Cocktail Viennas
  • 125g Smoked Cheesy Viennas
  • 400g Bulk Salami Sticks
  • 150g Salami Sticks
  • 85g Plain Salami Sticks
  • 85g Spicy Salami Sticks
  • 60g Plain Salami Bites
  • 150g Spicy Salami Sticks
  • 85g Coriander Salami
  • 60g Spicy Salami Bites
  • 250g Smoked And Roasted Gammon
  • Sliced Lean Ham 125g
  • Sliced Cooked Ham 250g
  • Sliced Cooked Ham 125g
  • 250g Ham Selection
  • 250g Assorted Cold Meat
  • 200g Sliced Salami
  • 100g Salami
  • 100g German Salami
  • 100g Sliced Peppered Salami
  • Local Chorizo
  • 100g Spicy Salami
  • 125g Country Ham