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What mayor Ben Fihla has committed himself to do

Oct 10, 2014
What mayor Ben Fihla has committed himself to do

As one of the signatories to the Statement of Intent following the Presidential Local Government Summit on September 18, Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Ben Fihla has committed himself to ensure a number of things happen in the metro.

The Mayor has stated that he will report back to Council on the summit at its next meeting, which is scheduled for October.

There are eight points in the Statement of Intent, the first of which is to implement the “Back to Basics”.

The second is to “create conditions for decent living by continuously delivering municipal services of the right quality and standard”.

This includes planning and delivery of infrastructure and amenities and their maintenance and upkeep.

The third is to “ensure good governance and effective administration” and to “cut wastage, spend public funds prudently, hire competent staff, ensure transparency and accountability”.

Further, “to ensure that corruption is prevented and rooted out at all levels”.

The fourth is to “ensure sound financial management and accounting by prudently managing resources so as to sustainably deliver services and bring development to communities”.

The fifth commitment is to “build and maintain sound institutional and administrative capabilities managed by dedicated and skilled personnel at all levels.

Sixth, to “put people and their concerns first and ensure constant contact with communities through effective public participation”.

The seventh, is “to ensure quarterly performance monitoring and reporting on municipalities as directed by the Back to Basics approach”.

The eighth commitment is to “improve the political management of municipalities and be responsive to the needs and aspirations of local communities”. - metrominutes