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What Your Choice in Pet Says About Your Personality

By Hazel Imrie, Founder and Owner of PETport - Feb 4, 2020
What Your Choice in Pet Says About Your Personality

Pets are inaugurated members of the family. They help us through periods of grief, stress and above all, add to our joy and mental wellbeing.

Whether fuzzy, scaly or feathery, one thing we can all agree on is that animals possess specific characteristics that do ultimately rub off on us.

With that said, we all have a preferred type of pet. Just like people, we choose to surround ourselves with those who we share common interests with, and animals are no different.

We form bonds with pets not only based on cuteness but from a common understanding and acceptance of their quirks, personalities and needs.


South Africa is definitely a dog country. Who doesn’t love seeing a pooch’s elated expression when returning from work? The face of pure love and loyalty. Just like dogs, you’re energetic and extraverted, which makes you tons of fun to be around. This care-free attitude helps you focus on the things that matter most: food, play and family.

Companionship is very important to you, and so is loyalty. Regardless of the situation, you find yourself looking for the good in people, even if it takes some digging. Keep smiling – your energy is contagious.


They really are little lions by nature: fiercely independent, resourceful and opportunistic. Cat owners are very determined and motivated. Having a go-getter attitude will aid you tremendously in your professional career, especially because of your dependable nature.

Your strength and respectful approach help you stand out from the crowd, and once you’ve set your sights on something, nothing will come in the way of achieving that goal. Like lions, you take great pride in who you are and will fight for those you love. Stay strong, keep your eye on the prize, and you’ll be able to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.


Birds soothe the soul with the most beautiful melodies. Because of their vocal personalities, bird owners are socially outgoing and more expressive than dog and cat owners. You’re a person that sees the “bigger picture” and continues to remain optimistic even in tough times.

Hard work isn’t something new to you, and you approach life with great care and vigilance. Much like teaching young birds to take the leap from the nest, your ambition is inspiring, whilst your willingness to learn will take you to incredible heights.

Luckily there are pets for everyone - no matter your personality - from the fit and fierce to the couch king and queen. Either way, you’ll find your perfect companion for life in pets.

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